Fakta Tentang YUI

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

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In the end, YUI stayed in Japan, so the jealous nations ganged up on them
Nations worldwide were fighting over YUI.
World War I and II erupted when YUI started her career.
World War I and II Actually Caused by Singer-Songwriter YUI
The Polar Bear is being added to the endangered species list do to arctic ice loss….because YUI’s so HOT!
YUI has already invented the time machine and traveled back in time… who else would inspired the Beatles?
YUIs name was the reason why all the letters on the keys of your keyboard are in CAPS

No YUI, No LIFE, No Umbrella, No Rain

If YUI didn’t tell the sun to move to the west, people outside of Japan would have to live in darkness
God created summer season so YUI can write a song about it (YUI ~ Summer Song)
Avril Lavigne paid millions to be in the same picture with YUI in ‘WHAT’s IN’

The QWERTY Keyboards are part of a Japanese Conspiracy to make people think of nothing else than YUI

Without YUI there would be no music!
The words I love YOU don’t exist, it’s the badly pronounced version of I love YUI!
(YOU or YUI, I recommended to YUI)

“The sun only rises in the east, because YUI lives there.” (I mean Japan)

Bananas were created by God for Amane Kaoru to eat
The sun rises in the morning because that’s when YUI wakes up
YUI doesn’t have to worry about the flu; her smile can cure any ailment
When YUI went on hiatus, Mr. Sorny went into debt
The birds sing because they are fans of YUI (based on YUI ~ Free Bird)
The waves wash onto the beach because YUI loves the Sea (Singu Beach, Fukuoka)
Japan has the roman alphabet because YUI writes her name that way
If they are YUI’s tears that are cried for you, your sins will end
Japanese astronomers discovered that the year actually begins on March 26th 1987 marked the first year of the YUI period in Japan
December 24th is a holiday in Japan because it was the release of the first YUI CD Debut
TOKYO is densely-populated because that’s where YUI lives
Birthdays are still celebrated because YUI wrote a song about them (based on YUI ~ Happy Birthday to You You)
YUI said “I can change my life” and we were given free will (based on YUI ~ LIFE)
The Universal Law of Gravitation proves that you are attracted to YUI
I know the world won’t end today; it’s already tomorrow for YUI
Everyone else is spelling ‘cherry’ wrong (based on YUI ~ CHE.R.RY)
YUI can use capital letters whenever she wants
Anything YUI touches turns to gold …. for Yahoo Auction
Marimokkori is a fan of YUI
YUI brought sexy back
YUI actually owns Sony
YUI’s birthday can provoke the down of her Home Page server because of the Message Board
YUI-ism has became the new religion
the web browser has became so popular because of YUI
YUI’s wuu-wang because that has became the new peace sign
everyone is buying/using the Mac Air because YUI has one
YUI actually invented the keyboard thats why her name/letter is right next to each other on the keyboard
Fukuoka has a new race and every YUI-ian speaks YUI-go
YUI has a Ph.D. in music
There is only war in the world because God used too much love to create YUI
No, YUI doesn’t speak English, English speaks YUI
YUI is the 4th Power Puff Girl, because she was made of sugar, spice and everything nice
If YUI jumps in a lake she doesn’t get wet, the water gets YUI
YUI can write everything with only using the letters Y, U, I
When YUI goes outside the sun has to wear YUI-glasses
There would be no over population on earth, but every time YUI walks by a cemetery all the dead come to LIFE again
There are no adjectives in Japanese to describe beautiful things, because everything great and beautiful is called YUI
The goddess Kuan-yin was created in YUI’s image
When YUI weeps, grown men all over the world cries with her
After YUI visited the John Lennon museum in New York…it became a YUI museum
The mayor of New York declared the historic day YUI visited as a public holiday
YUI doesnt revolve around the world the world revolve over her
all the sell actually goes to YUI and not SONY
a new currency was made and it was called YUI
everyone believes that YUI was the first women alive
YUI can make Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Bruce Lee cry!
Since 2008 New York City got a new name, it’s called YYC – YUI York City!
YUI isn’t popular because of Sony, Sony is popular because of YUI!
The production of Godzilla films stopped because in the last film Godzilla lost against YUI!
Nobody wants the Teletubbies anymore because they found something cuter!
The cold didn’t catch YUI because YUI is to HOT!
Yahoo became VERY popular because of YUI. —> Yahoo User Interface (YUI)
YUI is the reason for global warming (based on YUI ~ Winter Hot Music)
After listening to FM802, Doraemon has left Nobita for YUI and change name into YUImon
The sun warms the earth, and YUI keeps the sun burning!
Amane Kaoru likes the cheetah only because it is the only animal fast enough to chase her
The financial crisis started when the world found out that YUI was going to take a break
People in Japan have a higher life expectancy because YUI lives there
God created ordinary people from YUI’s rib
YUI wrote her first song before she was born
YUI is too HOT that she caught the fever and spread it which is now known as YUI fever
YUI is the new start of tomorrow
YUI is in every WAY better than any of YOU that walks this earth (based on YUI ~ Highway Chance)
The YUIboard (keyboard) was invented by YUI and had her name placed in full there
The reason why cheeks can be stretched and skin is malleable is because YUI decided it was made to be pulled
Actually, songs sing to YUI. What you hear in concerts are songs singing to YUI
Billboards were invented to hold pictures of YUI
The Happy Birthday song was actually adapted from YUI’s Happy Birthday To You you, as a kid’s version (based on YUI ~ Happy Birthday To You You)
YUI sings Umbrella when it rains, and the rain cannot touch her (based on YUI ~ Umbrella)
Winding Road and Highway Chance are actually urban planning systems used throughout the world to plan roads and transportation systems
YUI knows everything (based on YUI ~ I Know)
YUI remembers me (based on YUI ~ I Remember You)
YUI created nothingness and infinity at the same time
Every time YUI goes on hiatus 10 million people each day due to lack of YUI
If you wrote YUI’s name in a death note the shinigami would slap you silly. Of course he cant kill her, she’s immortal
YUI bought her Martin at Fender headquarter
YUI is a time traveller, she once travelled to the end of the world and made a song called ‘Good-bye Days’
YUI doesn’t have to go to sea, the sea comes to her
The night falls because YUI is sleeping, and the sun rises when she wakes up
The sweetness of fruits has YUI genes in them

could you add more facts? YUI Lover Around The World? ... :D