English lyrics - Blue Wind

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

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Why? Why are you talking like that?
When I’m not saying a word…
My hopes are surely stronger than yours
But I can’t put them into words
Have you come to comfort me?…Thank you
You, I couldn’t laugh at a single one of your jokes
You…but I knew you were doing it to be nice
I’ve been taught that inventors are important people
They make things that help us
But it’s exactly those crowds of people
Who are smart and will live a long life
Even crying tears of regret is different…in the wind
You, you said God is sure to be watching us
You, and I smiled for the first time, say more smart things like that
Sometimes I sing
The first song I ever wrote, alone
If I start to forget
I search for the person I was in those days
But the place I want to get to
…Hasn’t changed
You, even now I’ll try and believe what you said about God
You, all I can do is sing, it’s OK now
I’ll live life my way