English lyrics - To Mother

Rabu, 11 April 2012

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Because you told me
Teary voiced looking away

That if you couldn’t even lie anymore
Living on would not be possible

Since you wanted to be loved
You kept on laughing
Through any hardship

Sadness is something
I could endure
If I were alone

Kindness is so
Cruel, Isn’t it?

Even your heart
Becomes confused

I want (us) to be together forever but
Things I don’t like about you seem to
Increase by each passing day

We’re like-minded, aren’t we?
I feel like I understand

I have someone I can love now
If that day were ever to come
I wonder if I could change

Happiness is…
Although it doesn’t
Shine like magic

Isn’t hatred
Just a slight misunderstanding?
Please don’t cry

Mere fate
Is something you can change
Crying into the night as I ran from the house

And in that secluded park bench
I waited for you to come pick me up

Sadness is a thing
If snuggled together,
A thing of great warmth

Kindness is
If it’s close to you
Its taken advantage of

I’m happy

I had you
With me

By KFuji05

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