English lyrics - Am I Wrong

Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

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Kept silent that’s not something which can be decided simply by a YES or NO
I soon realised this fact
Once I avert my eyes
You’ll probably say something won’t you?
There’s nothing fearful
There’s nothing to lose
I composed a song today as well
Sang about forgiveness… Even so…
Just by letting the phone ring for a second and hanging up
I laughed and felt that I did a good job
You’re simply in a bad mood
I’m sure there are times when you think like that right?
There’s only one thing which I hold dear
Can’t lie to my heart
I composed a song today as well
Sang about continuing on… Even so…
We can’t understand each other
Don’t wish to be a nuisance to you
But it doesn’t mean I can simply give way
I’ll compose a song tomorrow as well
I want to live a life without any deceit
Even so… Even when that’s all I wish for ah ah
Am I wrong?

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