English lyrics - Oh Yeah

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

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If I fail to catch the train everything will turn out to
be something unpleasant isn’t it?
But not going after it, calming down and getting it
back is a no go

Baby I understand
Baby I’m hurrying
Baby running all the way to the station

A new morning
In the train before a wave of the feeling of a new
start comes rushing over me

OH YEAH just barely on time
Wishing that something could be done
to the hands of my watch

It’s a morning filled with hope
Don’t let any chance escape

If I wake up early
I’ll be able to view the sunrise beyond the curtain
and talk to it
It seems to be definitely on my side

Baby just a teeny little while
Baby at a different start
Baby decked in a casual outfit

A pair of brand new shoes
It’ll be great if it could bring about a mood of
something new

OH YEAH regretted
Saying goodbye to yesterday and moving on ahead

It’s a morning filled of hope
It’s such a wonderful thing

The truth is I’m full of anticipation
The truth is there’s no other way around it
About time to start moving

A new morning
Feeling a new beginning and there seems to be something

OH YEAH just barely on time
The hands of my watch are ticking away right on time

It’s a morning filled with hope
Don’t let any chance escape

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