English lyrics - Love and Truth

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

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I’m thinking about you so much
Time doesn’t stop for me
My empty heart still can’t find your feelings
I can never draw the same picture twice
But my emotions are just repeating over and over again

Let me listen to your love song. I stared at your profile
I want to know about you, now that I’ve met you

No matter how lonely I get, I have a feeling we’ll meet again
I don’t need a reason; I know that I can’t persuade you

With the way it is now , I’ll just become a part of your memory, right?
My emotions shone like the depths of tears

Let me listen to your love song Your profile
I understand there’s a person you’re gazing at right in front of you, but

In order to sing “please give me wings” with confidence. I promise
I will accept all the past, I’ve made up my mind

I hum the love song
I want to touch your smiling face
Even though I know that there’s someone you’re gazing at

My love song never ends – I’ve already met you
It never will end… Love and Truth

Copyright � Sony Music Records (Japan) Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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