English lyrics - My Generation

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

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I breathed in the wind that blew on the field from
a small window and sighed
I became sick of expecting good things
and I became all lonely
but that doesn’t mean I gave up
When the school bell finishes ringing
Reality should move on faster
The feeling was a bit different than breaking a
glass window.
We were free from the start
It’s just that I can’t express my dream with words
The time I hurt others not mattering who, and
cried the whole night….
I don’t expect poeple to undersand
I was controlled by the weakness of not being
able to beliave in my own dreams.
Sixteen My dream
I don’t want to lose to the me when I was 16,
With my uniform thrown away.
Even when I knew people were pointing at me, I
never turned around
I believed I could still keep going on.
The reason I couldn’t sacrifice was because if I
lost my hope, I’ll go back to being lost in my path.
I don’t want to be bothered
I know that if I am ready and aware
I’ll always be free
My dream will never break apart
I started walking despite the unpatience for the
next season
and took back the time that I was downcast
The generation that changed since I was able to
strongly believe in my dreams.
Sixteen My dream
Rested against the cracked wall of the school
I swore I’ll show that I can make my dream come true
It was just that I couldn’t express my dreams with words
and I was controlled by the weakness of not
being able to believe in them
Sixteen My dream.

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