English lyrics - Winding Road

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

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Shibuya’s full of traffic, on the highway at 5pm
Bikes go past outside the smokescreen

I’m as blue as the lines in the Italian film I saw yesterday
Just as I can’t touch a seven-coloured rainbow
I don’t expect to stay in love
With the same person
This is boring you, isn’t it?
By the way, what time is it?
Can we get there in time for the start?
I want to go to a live show
The car stereo isn’t enough for me, it distorts the sound of the guitar
This is a boring season
It’s as busy as the end of the year
But it’s the same scenery everywhere
The picture on that TV’s crap, turn it off
Surely even if we talk about this time next year
Ah~, it won’t take a load off our minds the way fortune telling would
I know that, winding road
The sun’s going down, it’s unbearable
Being shut up in my car like this
Panicking like this will just wear me out
So I’ve stopped thinking about what’s going to happen
I doubt I’ll make it to the live show at this rate
Ah~, getting annoyed won’t get me anywhere
I know that, winding road.