English lyrics - I Remember You

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

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The wind has become cold.
It has a nostalgic smell in the sky.
I can see the sea from the train station.
I’m looking for you, at this spot.
The days have changed and gone by,
But our summer is still there, in my surfboard
I remember the sun then, like it was yesterday
Ne, I can still hear your voice.
You said “I won’t show my tears”
We waved our hands. We won’t say “Good bye”.
Thats why we waved our hands. It disappeared into the sunset, I remember you.
Every time I hold your old, rusty guitar,
I hear our song tugging at my heart.
The days seem so cloudy now,
Passing by one after the other.
But then I remembered:
“For someone out there,” we must continue on with our life.
Yeah, the sun must’ve told that to me.
Hey, are you listening?
*repeat chorus*
The me from then,
even if I didn’t change much,
started to believe in myself.
yeah yeah yeah
Since it’s a promise made from the verge of tears,
I must be stronger than anyone else,
even if i didn’t say “Goodbye.”,
because if i closed my eyes, i will soon meet you. I remember you.